Website Hosting

Once your website is online, the last thing you need is for it to be off line due to poor, cheap hosting. Our UK servers are based in Tele House, London, are secure, fast and always up to date with the latest security patches and updates. Hosting is physically where your website sits, so the computer on which it is on and physically where that computer is located.

Avoid cheap or free hosting at all costs, it can lead to big problems. Typically the server will be not of a high specification, it will not be in the UK, it will be on a slow, shared connection and will host thousands of other websites, all fighting for the same bandwidth, ( like water flowing down a pipe, the pipe cant get bigger ).

The speed at which a website loads can also effect its page rank in various search engines like Google. Our hosting solutions are offered as part of our website design packages, we dont offer them out to just any third party as we like to know who is on our servers and what they are doing.

Always ask about quality of your website hosting, which ever Web Company you use and get it in writing. We have seen too many people ripped off in this industry by wanna be “Web Companies” based on the fact most people don’t even ask.

Our Web Hosting Packages start at just £10+vat per month with options to add an SSL Secure Certificate on your domain.

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